Why Mite Avenge?


You Simply Can't Find A Better Way To Help Your Pet!

  • Effective on Demodex and Sarcoptic mites
  • 100% natural — absolutely NO chemicals
  • Safest way to kill mange mites
  • Holistic —a key part of our holistic program that works on mange and its underlying causes 
  • Will not harm your pet or yourself
  • Far less expensive than multiple vet visits for toxic mite treatments
  • Less stressful than vet visits, daily applications of medicine or forcing pills into your pet

before-after1.jpgThat amazing proprietary formula — Powerful yet safe
Mite Avenge® by Happy Dog Naturals is designed to safely kill mites, not poison your dog. It's synergistic blend of highly effective natural ingredients kills mites on contact and helps your dog heal. There is no other all-natural product that is as effective.


Happy Dog Naturals uses fragile ingredients, processes and equipment that other manufactures won’t or can’t handle. Our products are produced in small batches production that requires special packaging, handling & storage. To ensure product integrity, Mite Avenge is not available in retail stores.  

Mite Avenge's ingredients:
Citronella, Clary Sage, Clove, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum, Karanja Seed, Lemon, Lavender, Neem, Peppermint, Rosemary, Styrax Benzoin & Vitamin E oils, Kelp, Polysorbate 20, Purified Water, Dihydrogen Dioxide and Tender Loving Care

You CAN help your pet stop suffering!
Happy Dog Naturals Mite Avenge® Kit includes everything you’ll need, plus more detailed information about follow up care for your pet, tips for preventing a recurrence, and ways to keep your dog a HAPPY DOG.

"We have spent a fortune on vets and no help! Your product worked so fast. Now you can barely tell she was so bad off. It took extra treatments but I don't care. My husband & I wished we found it a looong time ago."


Mite Avenge & Demodex
There is no fast and easy road to curing Demodectic mange if you want it to stay gone.  The safest way to treat it is with a holistic natural process. Just know that the process of resolving Demodex is just that, a process, and may need adjustment along the way.

The Mite Avenge portion of our program takes out the parasites in layers — much like peeling off the layers of an onion. That limits the likelihood of die-off effect from too many toxins being released and is much easier on the dog & allows time for the immune system to recover. Here's how to apply it.

  • How long to treat: 12 to 14 treatments is the average. Some dogs take less, some more. We cannot promise a particular time-line because every single situation is different. Just like humans, no two dogs are physiologically the same nor are the underlying factors that are at the root of the disease. Some of the individual factors that affect how it will take to you to beat back your dog’s parasites are the length of time that the dog has had too many mites (usually long before your dog showed symptoms), how impacted the plugs that protect them are and how deep the mites have managed to burrow, how many there are, the overall condition of the dog & whether there are other health issues, and most importantly — the severity of the dog’s yeast issues, digestive health, toxin load and immune strength as well.
  • When to stop: The average time it takes to kill the overpopulation of egg-laying adults is 12-14 treatments. Your sign that the overpopulation is under control is that your dog’s skin looks completely normal. Everywhere. The only exception is if skin discoloration has occurred that may not have faded yet. There should be no sign of prior mange symptoms such as flaking, odors, inflammation, irritation, bumps, secondary infection, excessive itching, etc. There should be a respectable amount of hair regrowth. Even after the overpopulation is gone, there are eggs left behind. The nymphs that continue to hatch from these leftover eggs must be killed. So after the criteria above of perfectly normal skin has been achieved, an only then, you may drop back to bathing with benzoyl peroxide shampoo and doing Mite Avenge applications once a week for 4 weeks.
  • Critical to know: There’s more to beating this disease than killing mites. The mites are just outward symptom of an internal immune problem. Aggressive immune work is vital because and you can’t cut the legs out from under the disease by treating only its symptoms. Resolving the underlying problem by aggressively improving digestive health, yeast overproduction toxicity and immune health. Here's how.