thanks-belle.jpgEveryone has a story to tell.  
And our customers tell ours better than we ever could.

We understand you may still be skeptical. After all, if you’re like most of my customers you’ve “been through the ringer”… you’ve been disappointed with nearly every other method you’ve tried.

In fact, we have many converts who are now ecstatic Mite Avenge customers… and regularly get rave reviews and wonderful comments on how it has helped their pets. Here’s just a small handful of the many enthusiastic success stories we’ve received…     

Thank you for your product. Our dog Echo had mange as a puppy. We took him to the vet and had it taken care of. Or so we thought. As time went on we noticed that his ears were smelly and itchy and he would shake his head. We tried store bought ear cleaner and a solution from the vet to no avail. But your ear cleaner did the trick. His ears smell better and look much healthier.

Echo also had dandruff on his back and was itchy and digging and seemed miserable at times. Especially after baths. His fur was also oily and not pleasant to pet. The vet said he had allergies. We tried Apoquil from the Vet, which seemed work but we still didn't enjoy petting him. We also tried wiping his paws after he was outside.

After three years we finally set out to do something about Echo's condition. With shampoo and conditioner from the local pet store leaving him itchier than ever, we came across your web site. We saw the good reviews and the care you take to make sure that research is done before you buy. We bought the shampoo and it cleared up everything ! We never knew Echo had such a beautiful coat! Thank you so much for the care you put into your product that helped our dog. Thanks again!

Matt McDonald


I wanted you to know what a truly amazing recovery I have had with my Em'me.  I had taken her to two different veterinary hospitals, spent over $1000.00 and there was no change in her condition. She only became worse. I am so very grateful for your knowledge and your fabulous website! You truly saved my little girl.

J. Reilly


Wow, it’s extremely rare to have a company contact you with such warm regards and concern.  I’m very happy with all of your products and when I first started the mite regimen I’ll admit I didn’t follow every direction by the book—so, that’s why I reread everything on your website and proceeded to start over.

Just a little background-I’m the proud owner of 2 Great Danes, Dylan is 6 1/2 yrs old and Jack will be 5 yrs old next month (Both have been fed a RAW diet since Jack was 10 wks old).  Jack is who my husband and I humorously refer to these days as our “MITEY DOG!”  He’s always had skin issues and especially ear problems since day one.  It finally all came to a head back in March when he developed an ear hematoma and while doing research on the topic I came across a comment about dogs who develop hematoma’s almost always have an issue with mites.  About a month after “naturally” dealing with his hematoma I noticed he was losing all the hair on the back of his hind legs and underbelly.  At first I thought it was fleas but have never had any flea issue with either dog and couldn’t find any crawling on him.  Then I remembered that comment about mites and googled “natural treatment for mites” and your website popped up.  I really didn’t know hardly anything on this subject other than knowing that some stray dogs came down with mange.  I actually didn’t know all dogs have mites and it just becomes a problem when the dog can’t keep them in check.

After devouring all of the information on your website and determining I was dealing with demodectic vs. sarcoptic mites I ordered my first batch of mite avenge.  Unfortunately, as I stated earlier I wasn’t following all of the directions to a tee so while I believe it did help for awhile it didn’t resolve Jack’s mite problem for good.  By not following all of the tips and tricks and stopping too early he started to itch like crazy again and I knew I needed to start over.

So, I’m absolutely sure your products will help him make a full recovery especially with all of the immune helping products I’m giving him now.  I’m committed to healing my beautiful Great Dane, Jack and thank-you from the bottom of my heart for providing all the wonderful information and such “NATURAL” healing products.Thanks again and God Bless,

Laurie Newman


Yes, we are committed to a LONG term program for our furry friend, Tucker.  I discovered your products online after many months of thinking that allergies were the cause of Tucker's problems.  Maybe they were, initially, and maybe thats what led his immune system down the dark spiral, but the failure of all the vets, including a holistic vet to really grasp the mange issue before he was in such distress was, shall I say distressing.  Once we found your products and mind you it did take at least 6 weeks of twice weekly treatments to see even the slightest change, but we DID begin to see change so we stuck it out for the full recommended treatment time.

The thing is, even though we have him on a clean, raw diet , with the recommended supplements and enzymes, the mange came back full force.  There seems to be a time of year for him.  We went through the whole thing again and since the second bought we've been maintaining a once a month routine - just in case.

This a a very long way of saying thank you for your amazing help, because it looks like we will be purchasing Demodex treatments for the rest of Tucker's life.

Too bad the veterinarians don't start their treatment programs with this product. We had to do the expensive, toxic drug treatment first, only to realize that it didn't work very well, before we found Happy Dog Naturals.  Thanks again for a great product!

Sandra and Tucker, LaQuinta, CA


We really appreciate your message, as well as the approach to business (data review, communication, support of customers).

To give you a little background (and feel free to use this information) - we have an eight year old Newfoundland (Landseer - Phineas). Attached are a couple of photos. A few years back, he started having skin problems. We tried EVERYTHING and our vet didn't know (except that we could spend a great del on allergy testing). After lots of different efforts, through a weird sequence of events (won't drag you through), we discovered that he's allergic to FISH (a Newfie!!)! By that time, his immune system was SO compromised, that mites had become a huge secondary problem.

Consistent use of Mite Avenge was the only thing that worked and, exactly as your instructions indicate, we persisted. He does great now. Between diet and treatments every few months, it's good maintenance. He and we are grateful.

Sharon & Leroy L., Everette, WA


I am treating one of our German Shepherds regularly, though we are in a place where he only needs a treatment every six weeks, because he has improved so much. I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your products and online advice. 

We adopted Gustav from Northwest German Shepherd Rescue. He had been surrendered as a three year old in terrible shape by a family who cold no longer afford to care for him. He is a long haired Shepherd but was bald in places and terribly afflicted with demodex mites. The vets treated him with Ivermectin and got it under control. When we got him, he was itchy and we were instructed to continue his injections. But, when I learned about the cause and what Ivermectin really is, I looked for a better solution and found you.

I started with weekly baths with Flush & Kill plus treatments and eliminated the injections. I also de-yeasted him daily with iodine solution. This went on for a couple of months or so. Then we could move to two weeks between baths and treatments, and so on, to get to this point. He takes your very helpful mushroom-based immune support supplement twice daily, and is on a balanced raw diet.  I need to use the mange mud on his muzzle occasionally, and I flush his ears with the boracetic solution a couple of times a week.  He will need treatments for the rest of his life, I believe. But, he is now super healthy and happy.

I also use the ear solution for our other GSD, and I bathe her with the Flush and Kill. It's a great shampoo.

So, thanks again. If any of this is helpful in your advertising, you have my permission to use my words. I hope everyone with a mange problem finds you.

Diane Jones, Mercer Island, WA


I have a very happy 13 yr old Basset! After one shampoo and one treatment, he has not scratched or kept me awake. I can not believe how much relief he felt after using these wonderful products. On the plus side, he smells wonderful.

I have all the same essential oils in a diffuser so he fits right in. I can foresee buying more products. Your company and products are absolutely perfect. It is so comforting to see Moose lay down to sleep and not wake up every 30 min to scratch.

I will have a good handle on his skin issues by the time he gets to the vet. Won't he be surprised! I really liked the fact no pesticides or chemicals was getting into or on my boy.

Moose and I can not thank you enough and I feel fortunate to have found my website. Very informative and easy to understand.a

Suzette Cook & a comfortable and HAPPY Moose, Dunedin, FL


THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this product!!  We have a nine month old puppy who we got at 8 weeks and she started losing her hair shortly thereafter - we got a skin scraping and discovered it was demodectic mange.  Ugh.  We are pretty natural minded around here - I wasn't about to let the vet use those harsh chemicals on my baby.  The internet search began!  I found your site early on but didn't buy it until a month ago.  Boy do I wish I had bought it when I first came across it.  Seriously, this is the only product that is working.  I am hesitant to say she is completely rid of the mites as I know it will take time to break the cycle - but her hair is growing back, her skin is looking better, I am smarter, and we couldn't be happier.  I can't convey to you how awful the feeling was to look at my puppy and see her looking so bad - and nothing I found was working.  It was depressing.  She looks like a normal beautiful dog now!!!!!

Nancy C., Duarte, CA


I have been using your product and it has made a world of difference for my dog! So first, a huge thank you for the well-organized information available on your website. I appreciated the simple instructions and clear communication regarding how to give a bath that maximizes the use of the shampoo and the mite advantage. I also appreciated the fast shipping – timing was so important!

Cathy F., Orange, CA


pat-colon-frenchies.jpgHello my name is Patti Colon and I recieved my second box of mite avenge and my girls and myself are sooo happy!!! Thank-you you so much your product is the absolutely the best!!!! For the past 3 years I've been seaching an searching and didn't know about these mites! But with the reading material that was given on your website and included with the product it is perfectly explained!! You have helped me and my two frenches alot and now the don't have to get the steroids anymore!!! Thanks with all my heart!

RECENT UPDATE: The girls are doing so much better! but those mites are so hard to get rid of! I give the baths only 1x per week now and it has kept the mite population down. I also bought the neem and the quercetin bromelain for some itching in between and they don't really like that mixed in their food some stomach upset...so I'm sticking to just the milkthristle, salmon oil and the whey protein they have had a much better appetite! They have gained alittle weight and look great much healthier with their shinny eyes!! You have the best products and I tell everyone about them!! Thank-you again for all you do

Patti Colon, Precious and Lulu


I found these folks to be epic in so many ways:he Happy Dog Naturals team redefine (or set a new high-water mark for) the meaning of Gold Standard when it comes to service, products, and information! Never before have I encountered a more knowledgeable team committed themselves to a more noble cause!

These folks are epic in so many ways.
    • Their knowledge is unsurpassed 
    • Their commitment is unbelievably admirable, 
    • Their focus is on the well-being of animals and helping people achieve that for their pets. 

Consequently: their products are superior, as well!


Pam T., Abingdon, VA


Greeting from the Sunshine State! I just wanted to write and let you know that your products are awesome!

To make a long story short -due to a mix up with our dogs shot records, and an unfortunate “run in” with my husband’s foot (she accidentally bit him on the foot while they were playing ball) our 1½ year old Australian Shepherd had to be quarantined for 10 days at our vet. When I went to pick her up I noticed a red patch on her muzzle – I just assumed that she had scratched herself.

After about a week, the red patch had gotten worse and I took her to the vet. They put her on antibiotics for two weeks. Well, it did not get any better, just worse. I took her back in and they diagnosed it as demodectic mange! They informed me that the normal course of treatment could not be used with my dog’s breed, so the only option was to have her dipped every week for 6 weeks. So, I dropped her off the next morning for her dip and went back to get her an hour later at which point I was told that I could not pick her up until that afternoon. They needed to monitor her to make sure she didn’t have any side effects!

I wigged out inside my head and went straight home and got on the internet to find a better treatment plan because I didn’t want those super toxic chemicals on my dog!! That is when I discovered your website – a truly God thing!!! I ordered all the products and received them promptly! I then went to pick up my dog and she acted as if she had been drugged!!

It took her about 3 days after that toxic dip to get back to normal.

My husband and I were committed to getting rid of the mites without killing our dog. We followed the treatment schedule laid out by Happy Dog Naturals religiously (even bathing/treating her in the hotel room on our way to Thanksgiving) and are happy to report that she is cured of the mange!!! Your products really do work and we feel very blessed to have found them! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Clara Miles and Piper too!


I am really grateful to have found the information you are putting out there. 

It does amaze me that the veterinary industry is so far behind on this, as it seems it’s a common problem for dogs. I have a feeling this is also due to the vets actually making the problem worse or causing it in the first place.

My holistic vet shed some light on the fact that vaccinations, steroids and neutering dogs too early all affect their immune systems – this then causing the overpopulation of mites / allergy problems, which they then go on to treat with more steroids, etc.. Very common with dogs, also due to the pet food industry producing anything but food for these poor animals.  A very sinister way of making money in these two industries in my opinion.

Keep up the good work and thank you for all you are doing for our global animal community.  We need more people like you in this world.



The Mite Avenge is working wonders for my puppy Silas. When I noticed the 1st signs and took him to the vet for treatment, he received four chemical dips that did nothing to make him better. They wanted me to keep bringing him back once a week until he had 2 negative readings.

I did not want to continue pouring chemicals on him (which were not doing anything for him) so when I did research on-line I found your product. 

He has gotten so much better. His mite issue was generalized and covered his entire body. I’m happy to say that since using your product, his condition has improved and the mites covering his body have healed and the patches of hair that he lost has all grown back. He just had a localized break out around his neck and face and I’m hoping another few more treatments will rid the little suckers for good!!!

Thanks again and love your product as does Silas !!!



I bathed Cooper yesterday and completed Mite Avenge treatment #3. I’m pleased to say that his tummy looks so much better – not healed completely, but well on the way. It was raining when I finished his bath yesterday, so we decided to let him hang out in the bathroom with his favorite squeaky ball to air dry. He was a very happy man!

Our daughter came by this morning. She hasn’t seen him in nearly a week. She was shocked at the improvement in his appearance AND his demeanor. She was able to love his ears for the first time in months without him getting grumpy and nasty with her! I can’t begin to tell you how pleased our family is with the improvement! Like I read in so many other testimonials on your site, I only wish I had become inquisitive months ago. Thanks again!



Thank you all for your truly miraculous product. The dog we are working on helping has come so far along since the beginning of the treatments. She is looking a million times better. People in our neighborhood cannot believe she is the same dog we first started walking with.

Thank you again so very very much for the truly excellent product line and the equally great customer service. I will recommend your product to everyone in the industry! You guys are THE BEST!


I can’t tell you how pleased I am that I found your website. After only 3 treatments, my smaller chihuahua (I have 2 which are both being treated for mites), now has normal skin. He used to have what my son called, “Burrito skin”. It was rough like an elephant’s hide.

Now his skin is soft and smooth. He also has lost almost all of the hair on his body. I did go the route of the vet trying to figure out why my dog was losing his hair. 2 vets and $1800 worth of tests later, neither one could figure it out. And of course, the skin test came back negative. 

Both dogs stopped itching right after the 1st treatment and were able to sleep through the night. Although they don’t like the treatment because I can’t blow them dry, they also seem to know it’s helping.  They’re much happier.

I can’t thank you enough for your website and products.


I wanted to thank you. Your product was like a freaking miracle! We spent so much at the stupid vet. They wanted to use prednizone which is horrible, it can mess with the liver, and they just wanted our money. I can’t say enough about your product. It ‘s wonderful. Totally amazing! My husband couldn’t believe it. I really like that it is all natural too. Thank you so much!

Gwen, Gibsonton, FL


I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been to have Mite Avenge!

Our Lhasa is 15 years old and not in the best of health. The vet wanted to treat her with poisons and because we did not feel comfortable doing so, she was left untreated. I cannot tell you how elated I was to find your products on the internet. My only regret was that I didn’t find them sooner.

Geena had a severe case of demodectic mites. She was so raw that both her neck and her feet were bleeding. We began treatment and soon saw signs of relief. The constant chewing at her feet began to dissipate and after a few weeks, she finally lifted her tail and began jumping and hopping again, which she had not done in months. Unfortunately, Geena has a compromised immune system from other health issues, so she will need to continue the use of Mite Avenge as maintenance.

Although she will not be permanently “cured” from this, we have a humane way of dealing with it and keeping the mites under control. I believe that every pet store and every vet should offer this product to its patients and customers.

I will recommend these products vigorously to anyone that is in need. Forever grateful,

Janice, Michael and Geena, Plant City, FL/p>

My French Mastiff Ruby had a case of Demodex on her neck, cheeks, and a few random spots on her hind quarters and shoulders.  We have given her Mite Avenge treatments, complete with benzoyl peroxide baths between treatments, and I’m happy to say her Demodex has almost completely cleared up. During the process there was a lot of shedding, and she did develop a few more patches under her neck and armpits, but overall, she is looking and feeling much better.

I also switched her food to an organic, grain-free (yeast-free) food. I wanted to thank you for your help in getting your product to Montreal, I’m so much happier having used Mite Avenge as opposed to Ivermectin and antibiotics.

Thank you very, very much!

Malika, Montreal, CA


We are so relieved that our dog is better, she lived in a cone for months!!!!! – we were really able to have a happy dog from these products.  With a little patience to do the treatments and wait the time because it’s not an instant fix, there IS a result.

Anonymous by request

I just wanted to write to you to say that your Happy Dog Natural products have made my dog 90% percent better. I have given her 6 treatments over the past couple of months…..and her skin is so much better, her hair is growing back, she is not scratching herself to death.. and she’s happy!!!

After spending thousands at the vet and specialist, steroids, allergy meds, shots, sprays…..we were beside ourselves. I found your website and started reading, and found so many similarities – I figure I’d give it a shot.

And I am soooo very happy. I would recommend this product over any vet in a heart beat! Thank you.

Lisa, New Jersey

I just wanted to say I am very pleased with the results. It has been a week since his last treatment, and his hair is almost completely grown back! I’m not sure that I need any more? I think it is safe to say the mites have been eradicated!

Your product is a miracle!

Michelle, Houston, TX


We love your products! We did the whole program from shampoo to the Diatomaceous Earth. It took several rounds of the dip but  it took care of the problem. (By the way, your Speed Heal is amazing!) I like how it all works together. We continue to use everything except the Mite Avenge dip because she’s not sick any more.

Lori, Virginia Beach, VA


Here’s a letter that sent our hearts in two opposite directions. This lady’s courage, grace and generosity are awesome!



I waited to write to make sure the mange was really gone. It’s been 6 months since I used it on Chester.The relief was incredible. He was literally tearing away his skin. He stopped all the damaging behavior and our lives got back to normal quickly. Quite a product you’ve got there!

Martin R., DMD


For 20 years I worked as a chemical plant lab technician. I also did my own aromatherapy with natural products. I am well aware of the difference between synthetic and natural chemicals. I am familiar with most of your ingredients and was confident in their effectiveness and safety when used properly. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Linda G., Jacksonville, FL


We have spent a fortune on vets and no help! Your product worked so fast. Now you can barely tell she was so bad off. It took extra treatments [for demodex] but I don’t care. My husband & I wished we found it a looong time ago.



I know the Mite Avenge is really helping him and I just noticed tonight that he seems to have added some weight whereas just three weeks ago, it looked like he was starting to waste away to nothing. 

His appetite has definitely picked up since we started it and that’s always a good sign. I’m very encouraged. I’m so thankful that we were able to find out about the MA and could do more direct things to help him…



Thank you for providing so much unbiased information. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Your e-book is wonderful! I learned so many things that my vet never mentioned. With your help, Mishka is improving every day

Cheyenne V., Falstaff, AZ


Mite Avenge is incredible on hives. Soothing and got rid of what ever was causing them I gave a couple of bottles to a friend and it fixed her hot spot issues. Obviously mites are the root of all evil I also gave your info to my vet who is the breeder of my Doberman.

BTW I am a professional handler and show dogs. I have to deal with hives and skin issues every day. We Love Mite Avenge!

Jane, Thonotosassa, FL


Poko is more like a dog now than he’s been in a long time. I can’t put into words how hard it was to watch him scratch himself up. Your product is something special and your brand is well named.

Brian L., Davenport, IA


Count us in as happy customers. Your product worked when nothing else did. We are very happy and will recommend it to anyone who needs it.

Greg H., Loxahatchee, FL


As a last resort, I tried your natural method.

The torment she had been living with for what seemed like forever disappeared within days! Muffin is so happy now! She is back to normal with no itching or hair loss.

It was with great pleasure that I threw out all the medicines that didn’t work.

Marla S., Charleston, SC


Thanks for all of your help. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated your efficient and speedy processing of my orders. It has been so helpful to have someone I could count on for the product we needed. Thanks again!

Linda R.


She has the most hair she has had in a LONG time!!!! And for the first time, she is a puppy, a 6 month old playing very hard, loving on everybody and tail wagging and eating lots, so thanks to you all and mite avenge for finally getting its time to shine, This is her finally getting to be a dog and once again escaping euthanasia on her January 31st deadline.

Christine, Sarasota, FL


It’s a Miracle! I do small dog rescue & have been fighting painful, itching skin on my dogs. At present I have 12 foster dogs. I have been up at 1 am, 2 am, 3 am giving soothing baths because I couldn’t stand to hear the dogs suffering. I ordered your 3-pack of Mite Avenge to try.

What a blessing! Since all my dogs are small, I was able to treat them all. Itching stopped immediately. All the dogs were finally able to rest comfortably. I just ordered your 6-pack so I could give all the dogs the full 3 treatments.

Linda G., Jacksonville, FL


Thank you so much more recommending the vitamins for Violet. She is doing so much better now. She is a blue dobbie and has had skin issues and was losing fur. Now you would never know she had any issues and her fur grew back within three weeks. We decided to give them to our cats as well. Their fur became soft within just three days! It is worth every penny. Can I give it to my husband? He’s losing his hair. Thanks again.

H. Cole, M.Ed.


Thank you for a product that delivered a complete cure. A million thank you’s. My husband and I thank you from bottom of our hearts.

Kelli B., Boulder, CO


Believe me I’ve done extensive research to help my furkids and there is no other quality product out there like yours. Sure there are some with a couple essential oils but nothing close to yours or claims it’ll work for an infestation. I’m familiar with essential oils so I know they work. The amount of time and trials to come up with the right combination that you folks came up with makes your product well worth it’s weight in gold. It’s very impressive.  From reading all I have, I can see how so many mite or yeast problems are misdiagnosed by vets and the poor pets and owners end up in a never ending problem not to mention horrendous side effects. I’m so thankful I found your product and had enough wisdom about essential oils to realize its outstanding properties.

Bless you all for your hard work and fantastic customer service. You certainly have all earned your place in heaven at the rainbow bridge to be greeted with doggie kisses thanking you. Aloha.

Debbie, Kalhua, HI


In 2 days Rambo was itch free. We had not been able to get it under control. By the time I found you he had lost over half of his coat and was covered in nasty sores. I thought he’d at least pick at the scabs when they started to heal but he didn’t. I am so grateful you make this available.

Pat R., Myrtle Beach, SC


I have a new best friend and he has a new lease on life! We found a stray pit in the parking lot at my work that somebody obviously dumped. He was so sweet but had mangy spots all over his back leg. I decided to get him well then take him to the animal shelter. They would have put him down right away if they saw mange.

Your product cured the mange right up and he’s perfect now. I know because I fell in love and never gave him to the shelter!



You might recognize my name, I’ve bought so much. So far we’ve treated my dog and my son’s dog and my granddaughter’s 3 dogs. Your product and recommendations were excellent–thanks again for all of your superb help!!!

Linda R., Columbus, OH


Thanks for telling me about your Diatomaceous Earth. It was such a big help as Lula goes everywhere. We used it outside, on the furniture and in the car. Your product got rid of the mange and the DE should keep it gone.

Kevin L., Trumbull, CT


Mite Avenge is surprisingly easy and effective. We did everything. We even spayed our dog because the vet said that might help. She was terrified every time we put her in the car because she knew we were going to the doctor again. My husband found your site while researching skin disease. What a blessing he did. I appreciate that it goes on fast and helped her heal so fast. She’d been through so much, I wish we had of known about Mite Avenge sooner because she has recovered completely. She’s a happy healthy girl again.

Carla L., Harrisburg, PA


Thank you so much for your product. I was so upset seeing my dog eating and tearing at himself. The vet said it looked like Sarcoptic mange but I waited as I had changed his food and the vet said it could be that. So finally we ordered the medicine from you and just got the last treatment on him the day we left for Australia. Three weeks we come back and it was so great to see he was no longer itching.

Thank you again.

Mary S.


Whatever you put in that bottle is magic! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sheeba’s coat looks better than ever. Her problems started almost a year ago. It was confined to her right side and back leg. The vet said it was eczema but the cream didn’t do anything. Then he gave her shots that made her swell up. I felt so bad for her.

I was desperate to find a cure when I found you. It took a couple of weeks before she looked normal again but it healed up perfectly.

Whatever you put in that bottle is magic. Mange Avenge is absolutely wonderful.

Julie N., Bath, ME


Thanks so much for the wonderful e-book.

I read every word and it is OUTSTANDING and I know it’s going to help a LOT of people. As much as I have researched and read on the subject, I still learned more. I’ve never run across any site that treated the subject so thoroughly and completely – love the detail. And it is very well written – easy to follow and just generally reads well.

Great job! I was impressed too with the knowledge of general natural health principles, herbs, etc. The section on yeast was very helpful for putting the two types of treatments together.

Lucinda B.

We have more but you get the idea…