DEMODEX: Pro Application Tips

Insider Advice for Getting the Most Effective Mite Avenge Application

 Follow these how-to steps to get the best results out of every treatment on every dog.

Ahead of time

  • Give your dog a haircut. Hair is designed to repel water and protect the skin from encroachments, which is exactly what we don’t want. Longer hair also creates an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria to proliferate. A total shave is not mandatory but it’s not wrong either. Trim your pet’s hair as short as you dare but not longer than 1 inch
  • Go shopping. You will need a few supplies for the best outcome.
    • Obtain a closed container slightly larger than your dog. Depending on your pet’s size, this could be a plastic sweater box, Rubbermaid-type plastic tub, drywall pan, portable dog washtub, etc.
    • If you don’t have it, get your hands on some benzoyl peroxide pet shampoo.

Application Schedule

  • Apply Mite Avenge at least twice a week. Continue until the skin returns to normal and hair has regrown. Continue treating for 4 more weeks to eradicate hatching nymphs. We cannot tell you how long this will take. On average, 12–14 treatments are required for resolution, but this varies widely depending on the severity of the underlying causes of the disease.

  • While not an application tip, it is important to reiterate that intense immune support is the only way this is going to work. It truly is the secret sauce. Mite Avenge kills mites but without a robust immune system, they return quickly. Our web site has a very informative section about improving immune health.

Treatment Day = KILL TIME

  • Prep. Mix the Mite Avenge solution in the applicator bottle according to direction. Mix the entire bottle of concentrate. Do not mix a portion as it is difficult to get the ratios right. Have the prepared Mite Avenge solution, your plastic container, shampoo, protective eye drops and/or anything else you anticipate needing at the ready.

  • Wash your dog. Demodectic treatments MUST be preceded by a flushing bath with specialized pet shampoo containing at 2½–3% benzoyl peroxide. We carry our enhanced FLUSH & KILL Shampoo and a basic version for sensitive skin. If using benzoyl peroxide shampoo, follow these special shampooing instructions. They are specific to mange and more detailed than what is on the product label. 
  • Apply Mite Avenge. Place your freshly bathed dog in the plastic container. Using the applicator bottle, completely saturate your dog with Mite Avenge by applying the solution uniformly cross all areas of the skin and fur. Use every drop necessary to soak the dog down. Do not discard the Mite Avenge runoff that is collecting in the bottom of your plastic container.

  • Work it in. It’s not enough to simply pour it on. The mites are too deep. Push hair against the grain to reveal the skin and continually recirculate the runoff from the bottom of the tub. Repeatedly flood the same areas to get down to the mites deep beneath your pet’s skin. Address all facial areas, wipe out the ears, saturating everything, everywhere. Allow your dog to stand in the Mite Avenge runoff. Avoid getting shampoo or Mite Avenge in the eyes. It may be helpful to use our protective eye drops for your peace of mind and to ensure your pet's comfort. After completing a treatment, discard the remaining used Mite Avenge in the plastic container.

  • sophie-and-bengie.jpgDo NOT rinse Mite Avenge off. Allow to slowly air dry. Do not force air dry or use direct heat. Pat paw pads and between the toes thoroughly dry. Apply praise liberally.

  • Treatment duration varies in every situation. Here's the information you need what determines your treatment duration and when to stop.

Treating small dogs & proper storage of leftover Mite Avenge 

Smaller dogs may not require a full 24 oz. of Mite Avenge for a treatment. However, to ensure proper proportions, do not mix a partial bottle. Mite Avenge will degrade rapidly if exposed to the wrong conditions, therefore the following storage techniques are critical:

  1. Store any remaining solution in a dark place to prevent light degradation.
  2. Store product at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperature changes such as refrigeration or outdoor areas where temperatures fluctuate.
  3. Do not warm leftover solution to a temperature greater than 100º F (essentially no warmer than a baby’s bottle).

Correctly stored solution should remain viable for 7–10 days.

More pro tips:

  • No special cleaning is necessary. Demodex are not an environmental hazard in that they do not run around the house nor can they infect, contaminate or bother anyone.
  • Consider treating your dog at night. We have several customers who get their pets up at night to apply Mite Avenge. They swear they get a better kill this way. Here’s why: Mites hate light. They are more active at night, which is why you may see more itching in the evenings. Once you begin to open up their hideouts and begin pouring Mite Avenge in them, your dog’s mites will likely become more agitated and instinctively try to move to safer territory. They will move at night and the theory is that they will be higher up and thus easier to get to.
  • Bear in mind that with Demodectic mites, due to the nature of their habitat, it is impossible to kill more than a layer or so of mites per application. This is why it’s important to apply Mite Avenge 2X a week. Frequent applications knock down the number of egg-laying adults faster and limit the spread of migrating mites. It also helps push through the discomfort of die-off effect that may occur if your dog is sensitive to all the toxins that dying mites release.
  • When treating Demodectic mange, the toxins being released and other ugly things that happen underneath the skin often lead to secondary infection. Daily povidone iodine wipe-downs can help prevent and/or minimize the severity of this problem. If antibiotics can be avoided they should, and this may help do just that!