CHEYLETIELLA: Pro Application Tips

Ahead of time

Give your dog a haircut. Hair is designed to repel water and protect the skin from encroachments, which is exactly what we don’t want. Longer hair also creates an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria to proliferate. A total shave is not mandatory but it’s not wrong either. Trim your pet’s hair as short as you dare but not longer than 1 inch.

  • Don't clean yet. If your dog has Cheyletiella — a form of contagious mange — you will need to get the mites out of the house. Just don't bother before Treatment Day. All that cleaning is a useless waste of valuable time and energy.
  • Go shopping. You will need a few supplies for the best outcome.
    • Obtain a closed container slightly larger than your dog. Depending on your pet’s size, this could be a plastic sweater box, Rubbermaid-type plastic tub, drywall pan, portable dog washtub, etc.
    • Grab a couple of boxes of 20 Mule Team® Borax and some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth if you don’t already have them.

Application Schedule

  • Cheyletiella: Apply Mite Avenge once every 7 days for a total of 4 applications. If you succeed at purging your home environment, most Sarcoptic infestations can be cleared with 4 treatments (5 for advanced cases).

Treatment Day = KILL TIME

  • Create a 'clean room'. Just before beginning your Mite Avenge treatment, decontaminate one room with a door so you can confine your pet(s) temporarily after treatment. This is your ‘clean room’. Don’t allow your dog(s) into the clean room until after their Mite Avenge treatment. The decontamination tips at the bottom of this page will help you.
  • Prepare for treatment. Mix the Mite Avenge solution in the applicator bottle according to direction. Mix the entire bottle of concentrate. Do not mix a portion as it is difficult to get the ratios right. Have the prepared Mite Avenge solution, your plastic container, shampoo, protective eye drops and/or anything else you anticipate needing at the ready.

  • Wash your dog. Any shampoo is acceptable but we recommend FLUSH & KILL Shampoo because its ingredients help make removing flakes and debris that interfere with Mite Avenge's ability to reach the mites. And as a bonus, it's added essential oils may accelerate eradication.
  • Apply Mite Avenge. After shampooing, place your damp dog in your plastic container. Using the applicator bottle, completely saturate your dog with Mite Avenge by applying the solution uniformly cross all areas of the skin and fur. Use every drop necessary to soak the dog down. Do not discard the Mite Avenge runoff that is collecting in the bottom of your plastic container.

  • treat-time.jpg

    Work it in. It’s not enough to simply pour it on. The mites are too deep. Push hair against the grain to reveal the skin and continually recirculate the runoff from the bottom of the tub. Repeatedly flood the same areas to get down to the mites deep beneath your pet’s skin. Address all facial areas, wipe out the ears, saturating everything, everywhere. Allow your dog to stand in the Mite Avenge runoff. Avoid getting shampoo or Mite Avenge in the eyes. It may be helpful to use our protective eye drops for your peace of mind and to ensure your pet's comfort. After completing a treatment, discard the remaining used Mite Avenge in the plastic container.

  • Do NOT rinse Mite Avenge off. Allow to slowly air dry. Do not force air dry or use direct heat. Pat paw pads and between the toes thoroughly dry. Apply praise liberally.
  • Shower and change clothes. Avoid contact with your dog until you’ve ditched your clothes outside and scrubbed down. A few desperate survivors may have jumped ship and are now on you.
  • Move your dog to the clean room.
  • Finish cleaning. To avoid reinfestation by these aggressive mites, it is very important to decontaminate the rest of the household. The decontamination tips at the bottom of this page will help you.
  • Shower and change clothes again. One last scrub down to take care of any mites that might have been picked up during the decontamination process.

Proper storage of leftover Mite Avenge (SMALL DOGS)

Smaller dogs may not require a full 24 oz. of Mite Avenge for a treatment. However, to ensure proper proportions, do not mix a partial bottle. Mite Avenge will degrade rapidly if exposed to the wrong conditions, therefore the following storage techniques are critical:

  1. Store any remaining solution in a dark place to prevent light degradation.
  2. Store product at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperature changes such as refrigeration or outdoor areas where temperatures fluctuate.
  3. Do not warm leftover solution to a temperature greater than 100º F (essentially no warmer than a baby’s bottle).

Correctly stored solution should remain viable for 7–10 days.

Decontaminating the Environment

dog-vacuum.pngBanishing Cheyletiella mange isn’t complicated. Mite Avenge is vicious on these particular parasites and can eliminate an infestation in a couple weeks when the dog’s environment is decontaminated properly. In most instances, the dog feels better within a day or so. Getting the mites out of your house requires a bit of cleaning, laundry, and Diatomaceous Earth. The trick to full eradication is to treat both the dog and the household at the same time.

Cheyletiella can also be transmitted from animals to people. If you get them, they itch and usually cause a rash. They can’t breed on humans, so they will self-exterminate and go away in about two weeks. If you don’t want to tough it out, prescription medications are available. Avoid handling and snuggling with your pet(s) until the mites are gone. If you must have close contact wear long pants and long sleeve shirts, and change clothes before and after handling or playing with the dog. Wash worn clothing right away to keep the mites from spreading.

These parasites can live several days off of a host. In that time these highly mobile mites can move a surprising distance in very little time! Pillows, cushions, carpeting, cracks, even bedding can harbor the parasites. The last thing you want is to get them off of your pet only to have her saunter through the house and pick them back up again. If that happens, treatment must be started over. To help prevent cycles of reinfestation, the entire environment must be thoroughly decontaminated.

The ideal process is for you to decontaminate one room, then shower and change your clothes. Next, treat the dog (or dogs) with Mite Avenge and place him in the clean room when you’re done. (to keep the mites from being passed back and forth, all other pets in the household must be treated at the same time as the animal showing symptoms). Then you can proceed to decontaminate the rest of the household. Don’t let doggie out of the clean room until the rest of the household has been thoroughly decontaminated.

  • Wash all pet bedding in hot soapy water and 20 Mule Team® Borax. Dry on the highest heat possible. Do the same for any clothing, towels, bedding or washables that may be contaminated.
  • Vigorously vacuum everything you can — floors, rugs, upholstery, etc. Take steps to avoid redistributing mites and eggs while cleaning. When using a vacuum with bags, change the bag after each use and dispose of the bag outside. If using a bagless vacuum, place a small amount of salt in the collection container before vacuuming to shred and dehydrate the mites. Empty and wash the vacuum’s collection container outside.
  • If possible, steam clean carpets and upholstered items. For optimal results add borax powder to the steam cleaning mix.
  • Wash bare floors.
  • Apply Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) on surfaces or areas that cannot be thoroughly vacuumed, such as vehicles, kennels, pens, deep-pile rugs, yards, cracks, crevices, upholstered furniture, between cushions and mattresses, etc. DE is a natural non-toxic powder that is deadly to insects. Consisting only of finely ground freshwater shell, the dust damages the exoskeleton of insects and parasites, causing death by dehydration (always use food grade; agricultural or pool grade usually have additives that can harm your pet)! If you don’t have it, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is available in our online store.
  • Items such as throw pillows, area rugs, furniture etc. can be sealed up in trash bags or wrapped in plastic then removed to an isolated area for a few weeks. The mites will self-exterminate in that time.
  • Shower and change clothes before retrieving your dog from the clean room.