Happy Dog Naturals = Different

When a dog suffers with mange, its people suffer too. Our job is to help both 2- and 4-legged family members through a difficult situation. Our heartfelt goal is to save dogs that would otherwise continue suffering from mite infestations, be subjected to risky and possibly dangerous poisons, endure harsh chemical treatments or face the worst possible outcome. And we’ve done just that, thousands of times over.

zuckerberg-quote-300x122.jpgSince we started in 2011, we’ve helped change the lives of thousands of dogs and their caring owners. Our customers are wonderful evangelists that have been spreading the word. And for that we are extremely grateful. We think we’ve built such a following of raving fans for a couple of reasons. For one — we seem to have hit a nerve by providing a valid choice to people who are searching for a safe mange treatment. And the other? From what we hear, apparently it’s something about the way we do things here. 

What We Do
Not everyone wants to use toxic chemicals on their pet. For those who shudder at the concept and those who have been let down by traditional veterinary medicine, we offer a safer way to cure mange and get their ‘happy dog’ back. Natural products enhance natural healing. Every day, more and more people are becoming enlightened about their safety and they want choices. We try to give them good ones.

People usually find us when they go looking for a healthier or alternative way to cure their dogs’ mange. Mite Avenge and our other Happy Dog Naturals’ products are so unique in formula and approach that you just can’t find anything like them anywhere else on the planet. Which is actually kind of surprising. Natural ingredients, particularly the essential oils we base our brand on, have been proven again and again to work exceptionally well. We could go on for days about how amazing they are. Nature’s healing gifts are quite the opposite of their poisonous counterparts; they’re safe, consistently effective and here’s the biggie — they do no harm! 

And all those other products in our store? (Which hopefully you’ve noticed.) Our offerings are restricted to helpful items meant to give you a full toolbox to win the battle against mites naturally.

How We Do It
It’s not just the products. An inseparable part of our, and our customers’ success stories is the way Happy Dog Naturals operates. We’re purposefully focused on a business model that’s the complete opposite of the drug industry. It’s not about building a big fancy corporation — it’s about the dogs. It’s not about milking a profitable revolving door — it’s about getting rid of the problem for good. And as much as we wish we were getting rich here, it’s not about the money.

It’s no surprise you can’t find our products in a big-box store. Mass-producing products that don’t do much is pretty easy, but making products like ours is a totally different story. Happy Dog Naturals uses specialized ingredients and processes that other manufactures won’t or can’t handle. Perhaps the reason we stand alone in what we do is that no one else is crazy enough to do it. Therapeutic grade organic and natural ingredients, especially good essential oils, are significantly more expensive than synthetic ones. Shareholders want high profits so that won’t fly in a big operation. The essential oils that we use spoil easily without special handling & storage. You can’t exactly truck in a pallet and stash them in a warehouse. Fragile ingredients mean our products must be small-batch compounded in stages under low-light conditions using close-tolerance temperatures and nothing can ever come in contact with metal. Then there’s a packaging process using customized no-metal equipment and special food grade, light-blocking containers. Certain components like homemade infusions can take up to six months to make. You get the idea.

Mange is a complicated and serious disease. You need to know what you’re up against in order to make responsible decisions as your pet’s health advocate. And it’s hard to step outside the comfort zone of traditional veterinary care and try to heal your beloved pet alone. You need answers. We’ve gone out of our way to put together a wealth of information to help you all in one place. We hope you’ll take advantage of learning resources whether you use our products or not.

We are a small family business that got started because Pete was in the same position you’re probably in now. Because it was so upsetting that there were no alternatives, learning resources, or God forbid —support that helping other pet parents beat mange became our calling. Some days it’s a roller coaster ride. But when we get one of those fabulous ‘after’ pictures that people sometimes send us, it’s worth it.

Why We Do It
We care. That’s all that matters really.

Who We Are
No one's sure why we get this question so often, but we do. We're a small family company that's run like it. Not a lot of high corporate culture here. The office is full of animals, when we make mistakes we own them, everyone here is either related or should be. For example, our lead customer service rep is the owner's son and our head tech was his best bud when they were four years old. The entire production team is a different verse of that same song. It's an emotionally invested dog loving team. 

Mite Avenge and Happy Dog Naturals came to be when Pete Blews was fighting for his dog’s health. Belle had mange and she’d been through it all. Steroids, antibiotics, and drugs —nothing helped. Finally, after being told to “learn to live with your dog’s condition or put her down” he decided to find a way to help her on his own. With no effective natural cure available, out of desperation, he invented one.


Pete's wife, Cindy Ritchie, actually owns & runs the company now after taking control in 2011. The original Mite Avenge formula has only gotten better and along the way a little company and an inspired line of safe natural products just for treating mange evolved.